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Werkman EWM Welding machine Steel & Alu

SKU: WHW1001

- Welding device (Pico 160 CEL Puls) for welding with electrodes (max. thickness: 4 mm) suitable for steel and aluminium.

- Rugged system with impact-resistant housing, also making it splash proof.

- Portable with its shoulder strap, and quite light (4.9 kg) thanks to housing made from aluminium and impact-resistant plastic.

- Standby mode to save energy.

- Surge protection.

- Pulsed welding: less deformation of base metal, high-quality weld and clean finish due to less spatter.

- Manually adjustable to your preferences.

- Extra convenience with features like hot start for aluminium welding.

- Comes with industrial cable set (25 mm – 4 m).

Other products in the welding total package

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- WHW1002A Werkman Welding electrodes Aluminum 2.5mm (5 pcs)

- WHW1003 Temperature Stick 350 Degrees Celcius

- WHW2001 Chipping hammer Steel

- WHW2002 Steel brush Stainless 3-row

- WHW2003 Welding glove Size 10 (2)

- WHW3001 Werkman Welding helmet

- WHW4001 Werkman Welding Support

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Weigth (kg) 10.540000
Type product Welding / Orthokits
Height 236mm
Width 129mm
Brand Werkman Hoofcare

- Electrode and TIG pulse welding

- Adjustable amperage and hot start

- No power loss when using long reels

- Portable, shoulder straps

- Rainwater proof IP23

- Weight: 4.9 kg

- Dimensions: 370 mm x 129 mm x 236 mm

- Welding current setting range: 5 - 150 A.

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