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SKU: Warrior

• Within the Warrior range we provide different models which will fit almost every horse's foot. Fronts Toe clips are longer than Side- clipped models, because Side-clipped shoes are generally set back.

• The width of Warrior models grows as the size of the shoe goes up.(Section to size) Ex.: Size 0 is 21,5 mm, size 1 is 22 mm wide, etc. .

• All Warrior shoes have built-in sole relief to save time with forging.

• All Warrior shoes have a V-fuller in order to provide a better hold for the nails to prevent loose shoes

• Warrior Front Toe clip has a more elongated shape with longer heels compared to the sideclipped models.

• Warrior Front Toe clip is symmetric in the toe but asymmetric in the heels.

• Warrior Front Side clip (1-2 or 2-3) is shaped to close while forging, which makes it easier to shape. This saves time on making the shoe fit the foot.

• Warrior Front Side clip (1-2 or 2-3) is designed with shorter heels for optimal balance / buoyancy. The weight of the horse can be evenly divided on the hoof side of the shoe when well fitted.

• Warrior Hind has a straight toe which gives maximum freedom to the front foot.

• The lateral heel of the hinds is 2mm longer to provide extra support for the foot’s natural growth.

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Type product Horseshoes
Model Warrior
Material Steel
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